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Lumbo Sacral Belt

Lumbo Sacral Belt


. Back panel is of thick and durable fabric and side panels of high quality 4" elastic.
. Two rigid pre-contoured splints and two flexible splints provide support to the weak back muscles.
. Velcro closure for easy application and adjustment to comfortable fit.
. Additional strap and sliding buckle system allows extra compression.


. Treatment of low back pain in inter-vertebral disc syndrome (Slipped disc), spinal injuries, osteoarthritis and sciatica.
. Osteoporosis and related old age lumbar spine problems.
. Post-operative conditions.

SIZE (in inches)

Small      28 - 32       Medium      32 - 36
Large      36 - 40        X Large      40 - 46

Measure circumference of hip at the level of mid forearm in inches.

  • X Large
  • Large
  • Medium
  • Small
SIZE (inches)
  • 40 - 46
  • 36 - 40
  • 32 - 36
  • 28 - 32
  • Buy 1 unit for $29.94  
  • Buy 1 unit for $29.94  
  • Buy 1 unit for $29.94  
  • Buy 1 unit for $29.94  


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Lumbo Sacral Belt