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Brand name: Catapres
Generic name:


Clonidine is an alpha agonist used to treat high blood pressure.It is effective when used alone or with other high blood pressure medications.
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Category Hypertension
Drug description Clonidine is an alpha agonist used to treat high blood pressure.It does this by decreasing the levels of certain substances and chemicals in the blood. It permits the veins and arteries to widen and the heart to regulate its beating. This drug should be taken continuously. Do not abruptly discontinue taking this drug especially without consent from your doctor for it may cause any of the following: Severe high blood pressure Nervousness Anxiety This drug may cause dizziness and drowsiness so employ caution when driving, operating machinery or performing any other hazardous activities. Do not use anything that may cause drowsiness such as alcohol, antihistamines, prescription pain relievers, sleeping pills and other drugs without supervision of your doctor if you are taking Catapres. Catapres may not be advisable for people who have any of the following conditions: Any type of heart disease Had heart attack or stroke Liver disease Kidney disease Your doctor may not allow you take this drug, may need to adjust your dosage or may need to monitor your intake if you have any of the preceding conditions. Catapres belongs to the FDA pregnancy category C, which means that it is unknown whether it could harm an unborn baby. This medication should not be taken if pregnant or planning to be pregnant. This drug passes through breast milk. Do not take this drug without consent from your doctor if you are nursing an infant. Patients who are over 60 years old have a higher risk of the side effects of Catapres; lower dosing may be necessary. Catapres should be taken in exactly as instructed by your doctor. If there are matters that you do not understand, refer to your doctor, nurse or a pharmacist. Catapres is in tablet form. Each tablet should be taken in with a full glass of water. It should be taken before going to bed unless otherwise directed by your doctor for it causes drowsiness. Do not abruptly discontinue using this drug .
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