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30 Days Non Surgical Breast Enhancement Therapy
Natural Breast Enhancement Therapy
Combo Pack of Chewing Gum & Breast Cream
Available as Combo Pack of Chewing Gum & Breast Cream
(15 x Firm XL Chewing Gum + 1 x LASS Natural Breast Cream)

Buy 1 Month Pack for
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Natural Breast Enhancement - 30 Days Non Surgical Breast Enhancement Therapy

The Breast Enhancement Therapy Pack is a combination of Firm-XL Breast Enhancement Chewing Gum and Lass Natural Breast Enlargement Cream. The 30 days therapy gives larger, firmer, more beautiful breasts without side effects.

Product 1: Firm-XL Chewing Gum
Firm-XL Chewing Gum contains proven breast enhancement herb Pueraria Mirifica (also known as White Kwao Kreu). This magic herb contains natural chemicals called phytoestrogens which mimic the effects of the female sex hormone estrogen. According to a study carried out by Thailand's Chulalongkorn University, Pueraria Mirifica therapy could enhance breast size by 80%. It works for 90% - 95% of all women who chew Pueraria Mirifica gum! Moreover, it is natural, sugar free and safe!

Product 2: Lass Breast Enlargement Cream
Lass Natural Breast Enlargement Cream is a unique breast enlargement therapy that firm sagging breasts naturally without having to take pills. Lass natural formula contains herbs that rejuvenates the skin's support structure to increase the firmness of the bust and eliminate sagging. Lass Breast Enlargement Cream consists of a proprietary blend of rare Indian herbs and Ayurvedic plant extracts that has been proven to increase a woman's breast size by stimulating new cell growth in the mammary glands.

The cream contains Shatavari which tones, cleanses, nourishes, and strengthens the breast and is conceivably the best known herbs for female breast enlargement. Aloe Vera soften, smothes texture, while Ashwagandha famous as Indian ginseng is a wonderful herb that helps naturally enhance breast firmness because of its estrogenic properties (phyto-estrogens) that work by regulating hormones and promoting healthy tissue growth.

Enhance your breasts with safe, natural, herbal Breast Enhancement Therapy. It really works! And you get larger, firmer amd more beautiful breasts in as little as 30 days!

Benefits of Breast Enhancement Therapy
  • All natural. Safe. No Surgery Required
  • Get fuller & firmer breasts naturally
  • Look younger with enhanced larger breasts
  • Improves circulation & reduces stress
  • Better Menstruation & PMS Relief
  • Increased Vaginal Secretion
  • Also keeps hair & skin healthy
  • Natural, effective and harmless.
  • Safe and affordable alternative to cosmetic surgery.
  • Can be used regularly
  • No Animal Testing/Cruelty Free
  • Comes with Money Back Guarntee
Dosage & Application:
1. Take up to three pieces of Firm-XL gum daily for optimal results.

2. Use your finger tip to take liberal amount of Lass Breast Enlargement Cream for each breast. Apply and gently massage with your palm using circular motion and upward strokes for about 3 to 5 minutes or till the cream is fully absorbed. For best result, use twice daily, in the morning and night.
1. Do not consume Firm-XL gum during pregnancy, breastfeeding and menstruation. If it is taken too many at a time may cause loose bowel. Contains Aspartame. Not recommended for children. No sugar added. Not for Phenylketoneurics.

2. Women with a history of cysts or tumors, pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers, and women taking birth control pills should consult doctor before using Lass Breast Enlargement Cream.

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