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Hair Growth Treatment Plan

Lass Hair Growth Treatment Plan

(Each pack contains 210 ML)
  1. 1 Bottle of IHT9 Herbal Hair Shampoo
  2. 1 Bottle of Aloe Vera Hair Conditioner
  3. 1 Bottle of Henna Nourishing Hair Oil

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Lass Hair Growth Treatment Plan


Lass Hair Growth Treatment Plan

Lass Hair Growth Treatment Plan is a revolutionary formula for not only stopping hair loss but also regaining lost hair. The Hair Growth Treatment Plan also promote overall health of the hair and naturally cures scalp of various diseases of hair. This all natural hair growth plan has 3 products which when used according to the treatment plan brings back lost hair and your confidence. The unique blend of Lass Natural Hair shampoo, Henna Nourishing Hair Oil & Aloe vera Hair Conditioner works, when used simultaneously according to plan, by immediately stopping hair loss and dilating blood vessels in scalp region to improve blood circulation. Improved blood circulation stimulates and revive hair follicles which then restarts hair growth. Lass Natural Hair Growth Treatment Plan is effective in following hair conditions or diseases:

How Does It Work?

Lass Hair Growth Treatment works for most of the hair related disorders in the most scientific manner. Effective for both men & women, this hair growth plan has been proven to help stimulate sleeping dormant hair follicles and regrow hair. Moreover, all the products in this pack are natural and, therefore, safe and without any side effects! Regular use of the products in Lass Hair Growth Treatment kit keeps hair healthy, manageable, full of shine & volume apart from fighting hair loss, dandruffs & thinning of hair.

Why Lass Natural Hair Growth Treatment Plan has NO SIDE EFFECTS?

All three products in the treatment plan are natural and contains only Ayurvedic herbs and is without chemicals. Therefore, the shampoo does not have any side effects. The products does not even contains artificial color or fragrance.

Why Should One Use Lass Hair Growth Treatment Plan?

Lass Hair Growth Treatment Plan is a natural yet powerful and most effective hair loss remedy which almost immediately stop hair loss & thinning of hair. This is the best treatment plan for hair loss and baldness.

What does Lass Hair Growth Treatment Plan Contains?

Lass Hair Growth Treatment Plan contains three most effective hair care products:

Lass Natural Hair Shampoo Contains: Eclipta Alba, Emblica Officinalis (Indian Gooseberry) Acacia Concinna,Trigonella foenum-graecum (Fenugreek) Sapindus mukorossi, Azadirachta indica,Lawsonia Inermis (Heena ), Barbadensis Miller, Citrus limon.

Aloe Vera Hair Conditioner Contains: Aloe Vera, Henna, Indian Pennywort (Brahmi) Liquorice, Bishop's Weed, Citrus Limon Extract.

Henna Nourishing Hair Oil Contains: Henna, Fenugreek, Indian Gooseberry, Bhringaraja, Indian Pennywort (Brahmi), Belliric myrobalan, Jojoba oil and Sesame oil.

How to use Lass Hair Growth Treatment Pack?

STEP 1: Apply Henna Nourishing Hair Oil over clean dry hair. Rub hands together then work through hair from roots to ends. Then, massage oil gently into scalp. Keep overnight or at least for an hour before wash.

STEP 2: Apply Lass Natural Shampoo sufficiently over wet hair, gently massage in circular movements with finger tips for a few seconds. Leave for two minutes and rinse off.

STEP 3: Apply Aloe Vera Hair Conditioner generously all over hair from the roots to the ends. Its action is instantaneous. It dose not lather. Rinse thoroughly. Style as desire.


Avoid contact with eyes. If product gets into eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.


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