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Henna Natural Hair Dye

Lass Henna Natural Hair Dye

(Pack of 50 GM)

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Henna Natural Hair Dye


Lass Henna Natural Hair Dye

Lass Henna Natural Hair Dye is 100% natural & pure Henna Powder that gives a dark, deep staining color to your hair that wears out over time. Unlike, other hair dyes available in the market, Lass Henna Natural Hair Dye is absolutely free of any kind of chemical. Apart from its colouring properties, henna plates & protects the hair shaft while acting as a cooling agent for head. Also, no chemical or conditioner in the world can match the conditioning properties of Henna.

How Does It Work?

Henna or Lawsonia, produces a red-orange dye molecule, lawsone. This molecule has an affinity for bonding with protein, & thus bind into keratin (hair) molecules coloring the hair naturally.

Why Lass Henna Natural Hair Dye has NO SIDE EFFECTS?

Almost all commercial hair dyes have P-Phenelynediamine or a variant of it. Proven to cause delayed hypersensitivity reactions (blistering and sores on your scalp), P-Phenelynediamine is a transdermal toxin, which is strongly linked with asthma. The dark brown and black commercial hair dyes may be linked to Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Most of hair dyes that contain chemicals can cause cancer and severe illness. Unlike chemical containing hair dyes available in the market, Lass Henna Natural Hair Dye is 100% natural and therefore, does not have any side effects.

What colour will my hair get after dyeing with Lass Henna Hair Dye?

The best (& recommended) way to know what colour will your hair get is to sample dye a small portion of your hair behind ears (since hair behind ear lobes are less visible). Every person's hair will come up a bit different with henna, because henna is natural vegetable tannin that stains your hair. Based on our experience with different colours of hair, we providing below a list of various shades that your hair will acquire after dyeing with Lass Henna Hair Dye:

» Blonde Hair

Henna may make it vibrant red or strawberry blonde.

» Red Hair

Henna will restore vibrant red color and glossiness that you lose to age and sun damage.

» Mousy Brown

Henna may make it rich red or copper penny red.

» Medium Brown

Your hair may come up the color of an Irish Setter dog.

» Dark Brown

It will be deep chestnut with red highlights in the sunshine.

» Black Hair

It will be very dark chestnut with red highlights.

» All Gray

Henna may make it orange.

» Brown Hair streaked with grey

Henna may be rich auburn with red threads.

What does Lass Henna Natural Hair Dye Contains:

Lass Natural Hair Shampoo contains powder of dried Henna (Lawsonia) leaves.

How to use Lass Henna Natural Hair Dye?


For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. If product gets into eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.

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